Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kingdom Living

I love to listen to sermon series.   I am so blessed to have work that allows me to listen to an iPod most of the day.  Some days I can get through 7 to 10 sermons in a row. At first it may seem like a bit much, but there are many benefits to listening to a series in its entirety in one sitting.

One of my hobbies is finding good resources on the web that provide free teaching material.  Most churches now days are podcasting their sermons.  That is just awesome.  I even have a list of my favorite preachers that hold opposing viewpoints to my own.  They are good speakers and easy to listen to, and it also gives me a chance to stay current on developments within other paradigms and continue to test my own understanding on certain ideas.

From time to time I will link what I think are outstanding series that I have come across.  The one linked in this blog post is one of my favorites.  It is a class taught by a good friend of mine. He is an amazing teacher, and the class is called Kingdom Living.

If you believe Eternal Life is only available after we die or that the Kingdom of Heaven is not yet here, prepare to be challenged.  If you see yourself as living in the Kingdom now, prepare to be encouraged beyond anything you could imagine. Once you start downloading this series I guarantee you won't want to stop.


King Living Class by Jerel Kratt

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