Friday, February 3, 2012


Who am I, and what is this blog all about?

Well, as you keep reading you will certainly learn more about me.  In the meantime here are some basics.  I live in beautiful north central Montana.  My lovely wife, Becky, grew up here, and a few years ago we moved north to be closer to her parents.  We wanted our children to really know their grandparents, and getting out of the big city (Denver, Colorado) was an added bonus.

We have three lovely children,  Hannah, Abram and Pax.  They are an absolute joy, and it is because of them that I have titled this blog Family Life In The Garden.  Stay tuned...

I grew up in Florida and various other places in the south.  My parents homeschooled me back in the day when it was really weird and unheard of.  In my early childhood we attended an independent Baptist church.  It was your typical conservative Baptist church complete with a weekly alter call, including Wed. nights, and 8 or 9 verses of "Just as I am."

When I turned 11, we moved.  Not only did we move locations we moved denominations.  We were now attending a Reformed Presbyterian Church.  They used wine in the communion!  That was crazy, but not as crazy as the pastor wearing a black robe.  I adapted, except for the wine part.  (I am more of a Mike's Hard Lemonade kind of guy.  I never acquired the taste for wine, but I guess there is still time.)

After that my life got kind of crazy.  A few more moves.  Different churches, different denominations.  My parents divorced.  I finished my homeschooling on my own while at the same time building a business.  I also made a go at being a professional athlete.  I speed skated on inline skates for about 7 years.  I skated for a TV show for 2 years and even got pretty fast at racing bikes. 

Through all of this I was dealing with a lot of anger and baggage from the messiness of my home life.  I lived in a glass house.  Then it shattered.  I looked down on kids who's parents were divorced.  Then my parents got divorced!

It was as if God was telling me that I wouldn't find Him in all of the theological head knowledge that I had gained or through the performance based achievements.  If I wanted to get to know Him, I would have to get down off my high horse.  I didn't want to, so he nudged me a bit.

So from there I slowly started picking up the pieces.  I made a few breakthroughs with some anger issues before I got married.  Since then, my wife has helped me on a journey that has brought me to where I am now.  Living with my family... in the Garden!

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